I use only strong healthy dogs in my breeding program.

All dogs produced in my kennel are monitored by a vetrenarian and are free of: PATELLA Lux.PRA and KCS.

I started Patella Lux.PRA and KCS test 16/04-99.Last test 17-12-2014..And all my dogs are FREE.Optigen,prcd-PRA.Clear/Normal all my dogs.

My old girl: Lionheart Keep Winning For Norway: CERF-test and FREE

Lens Luxation-test: De La Mahafu's Atomix: Clear. De La Mahafu's Alfa Eme. Clear. De La Mahafu's Dance Felicia. Clear.

De La Mahafu's Bede Black in Glammi. Clear. De La Mahafu's Beauty Love. Clear.Lionheat Keep Winning For Norway: Clear. Solino's I'M Miss Bojangles: Clear. Krokus Vivarium: Carrier.


Every litter is carefully planned.

I pay a lot of attention to and aim at getting: optimal length of spine, deep rib cage, fluid movement and a friendly and stable temperament when pairing my dogs.

My dogs (and puppies) spend all their time with my family and I.

They have their own feeding room, sleeping room (cage free) with a boys and a girls section.

We go for daily walks in forest and field to cultivate good condition and a healthy disposition in them (and me).

Every puppy I sell has with it pedigree papers, microchip, certificate of health and first vaccination.

Mor photo be'low( Shroll down)


What is it for breakfast?

Everyone loves coffee:-))

The Front of the House.

In the garden.








We are eating cherries.







In the Mushroomwood..