De La Mahafu's Dance Felicia.



CERF-test: FREE.KCS-test:NORMAL.Patella-Lux-test:FREE.17/11-08. 17-12-2009. Last:2011-03-30.


Lens Luxation.2010-01-08.Normal/Clear.


Show: 1x BOS.Puppie.


Oslo 2 February: CAC and BOS.

Oslo 3 February: CK and 2 Best Bitch

World Dog Show in Stockholm 3-5 July: 2 x Excellente.

Kongsberg 09 November: CAC and BOB.

S uch.Fin uch.

Moonswift The Sundance Kid .

Cerf and Patella Lux: Free

GB uch.

Moonswift Just A Gigolo.


Moonswift Iced Diamond.

Moonswift Dark Crystal.

GB uch.

Moonswift Sparkling Star.

Moonswift Astral Raider.
Moonswift Lora Bella.

De La Mahafu's Ametist Be De

Cerf.Optigen-Test and Patella Lux-Test: Free

S uch.N uch.DK uch.INT uch.SV-02.NV-02.

Beddi's Jabber Jack.

Cerf and Patella Lux : Free

Jokima Jah Wobble.

S uch.

Beddi's Koh-I-Noor.

Cerf and Patella-Lux: Free

Lionheart Keep Winning For Norway.

Cerf.Optigen-Test and Patella-Lux-Test. Free

Beddi's Jackpot.

Cerf and Patella Lux: Free

Lionheart Konsider Ulla.

Cerf and Patalla-Lux: Free


CERF-test: FREE.KCS-test:NORMAL.Patella-Lux-test:FREE.17/11-08.Last. 17-12-2009.

Lens Luxation.2010-01-08.Normal/Clear.