N uch. De La Mahafu's Chilavert (Blackie)


Vestfold 05 Juni. BOB and BIS 3


Oslo 27 August: CAC. 3 BDC and Norway Champion.

Stavanger 28-30 July:1 x CAC.1 x 2 BDC.1 x 3 BDC. 1 x 4 BDC.

Furnes 24 June. CK and 4 BDC

Östfold 21 May: HP CAC.and 3 BDC.

NKK.Telemark.26 February.HP.CK and 2 BDC.


Cerf +Patella Lux.KCS-Test and free.2006.2008. 26-02-2009. 26-02-2010. Last: 2011-03-30. Optigen,prcd-PRA.Clear (by default)

Lens Luxation-test. 2010-01-25.Clear (Normal)




Nuch. NV-04 De La Mahafu's Atomix

Cerf, Optigen-Test and Patella-Lux-Test: Free

Lionheart Kross The Ridge

Cerf.Optigen-Test and Patella-Lux-test:Free


Lionheart Key To Millennium


Nanimo Dayzee Belle

Dyrdal's Baby Boom

Cerf and Patella Lux-test. Free


Eugenios Blue Suede Shoes

Lionheart Keep Winning For Norway

Cerf,Optigen-Test and Patewlla Lux: Free

De La Mahafu's

Ametist Be De

Cerf,Optigen-Test and Patalla Lux-test:Free

INT uch.NORD uch.


Beddis Jabber Jack

Cerf and Patella Lux. Free

Jokima Jah Wobble


Beddis Koh-I-Noor

Cerf and Patella Lux:Free

Lionheart Keep Winning For Norway

Cerf,Optigen-Test and Patella Lux: Free

Beddis Jackpot

Cerf and Patella Lux: Free

Lionheart Konsider Ulla

Cerf and Patella Lux: Free