16-04-2016.DK uch.De La Mahafu's Mr We Did It.Norway Champion.

12-08-2015.Last Cerf-test and KCS-test:Glammi.GlammiTwo.Giggi and Jenni: Normal.

Giggi :Cerf-test and KCS-test:Normal.24-01-2014.

16-05-2013.Glammi.GlammiTwo.Jennifer and Irina:Cerf-test:Normal.KCS-test:Normal.Patella-Lux-test:Normal.




This year's results of my dogs at shows 2011.

My kennel was Best Breeding in Norway 2011.

And in Sweden 6 Best Breeder 2011.

1 INT Champions.

1 Swedish Champions.

2 Norway Champions.

1 BIS 3.

1 BIG 2.

1 BIG 3.

11 BOB.

8 BOS.

6 Cacib.

8 CAC.

4 R-CAC.


9 BOB.

2 BOS.

Poker ends the year with being second best Chinese Crested in Sweden.

Thank you all my puppy buyers who have put out the dogs and made

this possible.





De La Mahafu's Atomix. De La Mahafu's Chilavert. De La Mahafu's BeDe Black in Glammi.De La Mahafu's I.M Princ Herkules. De La Mahafu's Alfe Eme.De La Mahafu's Beauty Love.De La Mahafu's I.M Dinah.De La Mahafu's Dance Felicia. De La Mahafu's Model Fatima.De La Mahafu's Love Angels Giggi.Solino's I.M Miss Bojangles and my old (12).Lionheart Keeep Winning for Norway all my dogs are FREE.

De La Mahafu's Little Ebony (Ebba).Look the dogs.


Good news.

Sico's news owner has contacted me and he is fine and living in Texas (USA).

Thank you everyone who has been looking after him for me.


Cerf.KCS and Patella Lux-test for my 9 dogs 26-02-2010: Atomix.Blackie.Glammi.Gerry.Alfa Eme.Beauty Love.

I'M Dinah.Merlin and Dokka are FREE.


Atomix And Alfa Eme win big at Norway's International Winner Dog Show in Hamar 21 November 2004

With Pamela Litz of NCO Cresteds Royal Blou became a champion in the USA

Here you can see all the champions my kennel has produced



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